Abita returns to Vermont

After a brief absence from the Green Mountain State, the best brews from The Big Easy are back on the scene. This time we have cans of their most popular beers, plus their new American IPA, Wrought Iron. In addition, Andygator Dopplebock is back in a new 6-pack format!
About Abita
As the oldest craft brewery in the Southeast, Abita has experienced some serious growth since opening way back in 1986.  In their first year, they produced a mere 1500 barrels, but in 2014 they cranked out a whopping 173,000 barrels of beer and their famous root beer, making them #14 on the Brewer's Association's list of 'Top Craft Brewing Companies’. 
Despite their size, Abita maintains the highest quality standards by brewing all their beers in small batches using crystal clean artesian water from the fresh Abita Springs. In addition to being very dedicated to using resources from their local community, they are constantly striving to be environmentally friendly. Their decision to add canned beer to their lineup a few years ago is a clear example of this.  "Abita has always been committed to a greener environment," says Abita Brewing Company President David Blossman. "We conserve energy and water, create our own bio-gas and drive greener vehicles. We use recycled content in our bottles and packaging materials. Aluminum cans are one more way Abita is working to keep our part of the world green and clean."
Food Pairings
Abita is a down-home brewery that cranks out highly delicious and drinkable brews meant to be enjoyed with good company and great cuisine. The new Wrought Iron IPA is a perfect match for the grilling season ahead.  Its hoppy bite will cut through a juicy burger, steak, or any type of grilled sausage. Andygator is excellent pairing with spicy Thai and Korean dishes, but if you're thinking Cajun spice, try the dark and malty Turbo Dog with Louisiana's signature dish, jambalaya. If you prefer the hops instead, try it with their year-round IPA, Jockamo. Just craving a salad? Go for the Purple Haze. If it has goat cheese, even better! Bon appetit!
Abita brews in- stock now:
Purple Haze - 6pack bottles / 12pack cans
Turbo Dog - 6pack bottles
Jockamo IPA - 6pack cans
Wrought Iron - 6pack bottles
Andygator - 6pack bottles