New from Downeast Cider House

More delicious ciders from Downeast are making their way to Vermont!

The nicer weather is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later! While winter lingers on, we're getting stocked up with some new products to have on hand when that first streak of sunny weather arrives. If you love what you've tried so far from Downeast Cider Company, then you'll definitely want to check out some new of the new seasonal and specialty items that are rolling in to our warehouse as we speak.

Hard Honey - A sparkling mead in a can! Apples and orange honey blossom are fermented with an ale yeast and then aged on coriander and orange peel for a most refreshing spring delight!  Coming in 6-pack cans!

Oak Aged Maple Cider - Aged with oak chips, this special release bone dry cider gets a hefty helping of New England maple syrup for a long, lingering finish. Draft only, so keep a lookout for this locally-inspired libation on tap lines in the weeks ahead.   

And coming this summer....Hard Lemonade 6-pack cans! Fresh-squeezed lemon juice blended with natural cane sugar and fermented apples. Perfect for the dog days of summer!

Cider House History

Downeast Cider House was founded in 2011 by two college students and an older brother. As you can imagine, a great deal of time was spent researching and developing their business plan and recipes while still in school. Upon graduating, they began their "official"  cider making ventures back home in Waterville, Maine before eventually settling down in the Charleston neighborhood of Boston in 2013. 

From the initial phases of planning, their mission was to create high-quality, fresh-pressed and hand-crafted ciders from locally sourced apples without the use of artificial sweeteners. Whatever they're doing must be working because after only a few years of opening, their products can already be found from the tip of Maine to downtown Manhattan and everywhere in between! Check our Beer Finder to locate some Downeast near you!