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We brew sustainable, transparent, and insanely delicious hard kombucha.
It all started as we were wandering the aisles of our local grocery store. There was a sustainable, transparent option in nearly every consumer category – except alcohol. This led us to ask: why do we know so much about the food we eat, but so little about the alcohol we drink? With no solid answers in sight, we grew frustrated by the lack of honest, transparent alcohol brands catering to our healthy, active lifestyles. So, we decided to start our own.
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Rethink the drink.
Jiant is a better-for-you alcohol company dedicated to crafting the cleanest, most-refreshing hard kombuchas possible. No shortcuts, no compromises. Committed to responsibly sourcing organic ingredients, we create undeniably effervescent, low sugar, gluten free beverages without sacrificing flavor. By upholding the highest food standards, our products enhance every customers’ drinking experience through providing a crisp, clean, and always enjoyable beverage option.
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Our Purpose: In Ojai, California, our founder set out to craft bold, imaginative flavors with a modern function. As this vision was becoming a reality, the 2017 Thomas Fires threatened to destroy all that we had built. Today, all of our hard beverages are infused with gratitude, and handcrafted with intentional ingredients meant to illuminate and celebrate the experience of life.
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