What's Brewing

The haze is high at Burlington Beer Company!

Burlington Beer Company is an independent craft brewery that opened in May 2014. We strive to find balance between going too far and staying rooted in tradition. We brew a wide range of hazy, hop forward Pales Ale's, IPA's, Double IPA's, and Triple IPA's. As well as a plethora of fruit beers; some tart ones, some hoppy ones, and some easy drinking ones. We also love brewing dark beers. Brown Ale's, Porter's, Oatmeal Stout, Double Stout's, and Imperial Stouts. Each of our beers has a mind melting name and inspired artwork to match each beer. We can more than 50 different types of beer a year and host a dozen different bottle releases a year. We brew with local and international malts, hops, yeast, fruit, vegetables, spices, and herbs while we explore new ways to put our stamp on classic beer styles. You can find our beer in cans and bottles throughout Vermont. Burlington Beer Co. is located in Williston, Vermont. Est. 2014.